What do I do?

My goal is to help doctors to find their way through stressful episodes in their careers, make good choices and changes and become more fulfilled, more effective and happier in their work.

Medical Career Coaching

Medicine is a rewarding profession which offers unique insights into the most personal aspects of peoples lives and opportunities to help our patients cope with pain, discomfort and disease. This may come at a cost to the doctor and may cause them stress, anxiety and even burnout.

The years of training may involve geographical moves, hard work, long hours and a feeling of lack of control. Transitions from undergraduate to practising doctor, from trainee to consultant or general practitioner and from clinician to leadership or management roles can all cause stress.

If you are unsure whether coaching is for you then you should do some research. Firstly you need to assess whether you are currently in the right frame of mind to be coached. Secondly you need to find the right coach for you, and there are many! You would do well to go on to the Doctors Support Network (DSN) website and read the article on Professional Support. If you then feel coaching is for you, book a “chemistry” session with a coach, these are usually free, then book sessions if you think it is something which would help. If you would like an informal chat, phone me and we can have a discussion at no charge.

Learning Resilience

Learning how to navigate changes and new developments in your career in an effective manner can help you to cope with change and make choices which lead to a more resilient, effective and joyful you. These skills are often not taught at medical school but can be learned and put into immediate use at any stage from entering medical school to planning for retirement.

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