Medical School Application

Medical School Places are hard to get…….but possible!

Successful application for a place at medical school is a combination of hard work, planning, motivation and a certain amount of luck. One thing is certain, if you do not try then you will not succeed!



This is probably the most important aspect of your application. If you are highly motivated to study medicine and work as a doctor then you are in with a chance. If you do not really want to do this then you will fail at some point. This requires discussion.

Work experience

This is important and absolutely necessary. What you do, how long you do it for and what you learn from it is very important.
This requires some discussion.


Interview styles have changed and are still changing. A full understanding of what to expect combined with practice will help. I have interviewed and been interviewed over a period of 48 years and I can help you with this.

A Level Grades

The usual requirement is for 3 A Levels at grade A including either chemistry or biology. Secondly maths, physics, chemistry biology or maths with physics and thirdly one other. There are a number of websites which will help, I can advise you.

Personal statement

Your teachers and careers advisors should be able to help with this. It is, once more, very important and must be based on genuine skills, experience and interests.


The harder we work, the more we prepare, the more luck we get!

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