Are You Enjoying Your Life?

Subtract your age from 85 and give or take a bit, that is approximately how many years you have left to live if all goes well. Does this prospect fill you with joy? Do you have plans for your life such that you feel you could do with a few extra years to fit it all in?

I hope so! I hope that you have made good decisions so far, that have led to a fulfilling, happy, joyful and meaningful life and that you have plans for the years to come.

If not then maybe this would be a good time to ask yourself some searching questions and reflect on the answers.

However, our lives, even if dull, meaningless and uninspiring may still be filled with tasks that we never quite finish to our satisfaction. Reflection, planning and looking after YOU is often at the bottom of your To Do List and is never addressed.

Is your To Do List full of tasks that you look forward to completing?
Do you feel that you played an active part in choosing your career?
Do your friends inspire you?
Does your job give you a sense of real achievement?
Are you using your skills in a way which others appreciate and which gives you joy?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO then you would benefit from coaching!
I strongly believe that every human has the potential to have a life which would lead you to answer YES to all of the questions above, to have a meaningful occupation, satisfying, stimulating and revitalising relationships and the resources to achieve a deep sense of joy from your leisure time.

If this makes you uncomfortable then you may have taken the first step to improving your life. If you would like me to help guide you through the next steps then go to my Contact Page and get in touch.

I believe that we are given one life, that it is precious and that you deserve to live it well.